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Christians and Philosophy

Introduction "Philosophy" is a word that is a pariah among most Christians. The word conjures up images of intelligent men in university classrooms dismantling the faith of young, simple-minded Christians. Most believers would argue that we as a church must step back from philosophy; after all, doesn't the Apostle Paul warn us to be wary …

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Reflections on the State of the Union

Last night, many Americans stood riveted to their televisions as President Donald J. Trump addressed both Houses of Congress in what is termed the 'State of the Union Address.' No doubt many political commentators, particularly those of the radical Left, have already begun spinning the speech to fit their preferred agenda. On the other hand, …

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Demons, the Supernatural, and the Gospel

There is a sub-culture in the twenty-first century that has taken many people spiritually captive, and it has mentally captivated several others. The belief in the supernatural (ghosts, demons, spirits, etc.) is common and, in some ways, mainstream. One only need to look at the plethora of TV shows and movies dedicated to chronicling and …

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Ethnicities and the Gospel

"Discrimination; biggot; racist." We hear these words all the time. They are the buzz words of the current mainstream media. The accepted narrative is that white supremacy is seen in every aspect of Western Culture, including the Church. The American Church in particular has become the target of the vitriol and hatred of many and …

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