A Pilgrims Journey

Welcome to the journey of a Pilgrim!

This blog reflects the personal account of Luke Hartnack, the founder of Psyche and Soul, as he walks the entire nation to spread good news as he walks in Spirit.

Latest from the Blog

A Pilgrims Journey

End of the Road

Can we really reach the end of the road, or is that just perspective?

Bishop of Truro – a letter.

Rt Revd, Philip Mountstephen, Bishop of Truro I write this to you with urgency and hope. My name is Luke Hartnack, I am a young man at the age of 29 who has devoted his life to follow Christ and be as best a disicple as one can be. This devotion has led me to…

Regeneratuon of the Roseland Peninsula

It was such a great decision to jump across to the roseland peninsula. It truly is an area of outstanding beauty, and in more ways than the rolling green hills, wild seals and the stillness of the ocean as it gently lands on the shore. The community spirit amongst the locals I have encountered, along…

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