What’s It All For?

Many of us rejoiced at the wonderful movie that is The Greatest Showman. Indeed, it is one of the best movies in recent memory: a clean, family-friendly movie that gives a good message of including those we at first think are odd and unordinary. A pivotal scene in that movie is found during the third act. P.T. Barnum, played by Hugh Jackman, is sitting in a bar and realizing everything he has lost in his pursuit of fame. His circus troupe joins him, and they all sing the song “From Now On.” This scene is Barnum’s ‘change of heart’ moment. He finally sees what is truly important in his life, and he is not going to wait until tomorrow to change things (“what’s waited till tomorrow starts tonight”).

As Christians, there is much we can agree with in this song. Have we all not felt the allure of fame? The desire to get as many “likes” or “views” on our posts/tweets/Snapchats as possible? We know how to set the filters and the lighting to make ourselves as desiring as possible and to attract as many followers as we can. Yet, is this what our lives are all about? Or, changing Hugh’s words every so slightly and putting them in a Scriptural context, are these the “pitfalls” of the sinners we are? Truly, we must look to what is truly important: not the allure of fame, and not even our family (as it was for Barnum), but the all-surpassing glory of a resurrected Savior (Philippians 1:21).

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