Eat. Sleep. Learn.

We have all been there at some point in our lives. We want to serve the Lord, but we cannot seem to go anywhere spiritually. We stay up late to read our Bibles, we get up before the sun so we can pray, we skip meals often so we can have more time to read and pray. If this sounds familiar, then you are not alone; many a Christian has fallen into this trap. I call it a trap because that is what it is. This kind of thinking is a false spirituality that has led many Christians down a road of soul self-destruction. Is there, you ask, a time when we should get up early and pray? Of course, but as we are human beings with physical bodies (Gen. 2:7) we must also be wary of how we treat that body and how it can affect us. In times like this, the greatest advice we can get comes from a rather unknown person.

Father Staupitz was Martin Luther’s confessor while Luther was still a Roman Catholic monk. Many of us would immediately turn our noses up at Staupitz for this, but we must be wary: Christ always has His church in all ages and in all places. That aside, Father Staupitz saw how much Luther was pushing himself and how much his conscience was afflicting him. He pulled the esteemed monk aside and gave him this timeless advice to calm his soul:

“Eat more food. Get more sleep. Learn more about God.”   -Father Staupitz

In a time where many Christians are wanting to grow in grace but are taking the road to destruction, let these words calm your mind. Eat more food and take care of your body. Sleep and rest your mind. Learn about God and let Him give you rest.

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