Real Repentance

Choices. Everyone has made at least ten choices today. We wake up, decide to turn the alarm off, decide to sleep in, decide what to eat for breakfast, decide to skip breakfast to sleep in, and so on. Yet, we never question the genuineness of these choices; we just make them and go on. When it comes to repentance, however, we must confess that we habitually do the opposite. We feel bad for a sin, we mourn over it, and we stop right there. We make no decision to put that sin to death, we make no attempt to stop it, but we say we have repented because we felt convicted.

John the Baptist had words for times like this. He said the following:

Bring forth therefore fruits worthy of repentance.   Luke 3:8a

Real repentance always has fruit with it; it has an action attached to it, in other words. If our repentance stops short of actions, it is no repentance at all. It is merely a tree that may look lively but has never produced a single apple in its life. Let us pray that God would grant us the repentance that bears fruit.

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