By what standard?

“This is a judgment free zone” is the slogan of a popular gym that shall rename nameless (though I am sure you can figure out which one I am referring to!). I’ve often pondered exactly why this gym felt the need to make this their mantra. Of coures, we all understand the negativity of ‘judging others;’ even non-Christians know that Jesus forbids us to do just that (Matt. 7:1). When I look at this sign, however, my questions tend towards the following direction: Why does a secular gym feel that judging others is wrong? Who said it was wrong? What’s the standard they used to determine that?

I understand that I may have just lost some of you, but please bear with me for a moment. We as Christians can read a sign like this with no qualms; we understand the sin of judging others, of holding ourselves to be better than everyone else. But have you ever pondered how an atheist/agnostic/secular person can justify this belief? More likely than not, the predominant belief among those in the gym is that of non-religious, yet they will accept this mantra as true. “After all,” they will agrue, “everyone knows judging people is wrong.”

Time out. How, exactly, does an atheist know this is wrong? What standard are they appealing to? You see, here is the conumdrum: the moment any individual says something is “right” or “wrong,” they are automatially assuming a moral standard of “right” and wrong.” Their belief system, however, cannot in any justify this as there is no Law Giver to make such a law (the result is that they will say that morality is socially/culturally determined or completely determined by the individual. I do not have time to answer those here; suffice it to say that each view has major problems). They are left with believing in morals with no reason for doing so; yet they call Christians the ‘unreasonable’ ones.

Remember: no one can escape the fact they are in God’s world. Romans 1-2 is clear: God reveals Himself and His law to every person. In our discussions and daily lives, we need to be aware of this. It can provide a perfect avenue to bring the Gospel.

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