Reflections on the State of the Union

Last night, many Americans stood riveted to their televisions as President Donald J. Trump addressed both Houses of Congress in what is termed the ‘State of the Union Address.’ No doubt many political commentators, particularly those of the radical Left, have already begun spinning the speech to fit their preferred agenda. On the other hand, it is also true that those on the Right have already begun praising the speech for its magnificient delivery, wonderful appeals, and so forth. Christians, however, must view everything through the lens of Scripture. What can we as men and women of the Bible take away from this address?

First, and most importantly, we must affirm with the President that every infant is made in the image of God (Gen. 1:27). The President’s call to Congress to pass a bill outlawing late-term abortion was timely; with one state recently legalizing late term abortion and a governor calling for what can only be named infaticide, such a call was warranted. We must not, however, think that our job is to only ban late-term abortions. If we only go this far, we have failed. God is a god of justice with a Law He will uphold, and that Law forbids the murder of the innocent (Ex. 20:13). We must push for a complete abolition of abortion in all in formats, and we must continue to pray that God would grant this nation eyes to see this horror that has befallen us.

Second, we must continue to push for a secure border. History is clear: no culture and no nation can survive when borders are neglected and thrown open. One only need to look at the current state of Europe to understand this simple truth. God gave government to the peope of earth for their betterment and management of society (Rom. 13:1-3). We must pray that God would grant them the ability to see how to handle this crisis, no matter what side of the aisle brings the solution.

Finally, we must pray for the regeneration and salvation of our leaders. God is clear: His Law would go forth from Zion and the Lord would arise to settle matters between nations (Isa. 2:3-4). The Gospel fulfills this every day as God turns the hearts of His people to Him and fills them with a desire to obey His word, while at the same time filling them with a desire for peace with their fellow man. We must pray that God would allow the Gospel to go out in power and to conquer the unbelief. Wee must ask to do what He said the Gospel would do: bring healing to the nations (Rev. 22:2).

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