Called to Action

Some time at the beginning of August I decided I would walk the entire nation, visiting various community farms, churches, universities and creative arts centres. I decided upon this as I wish to mobilise the nation and spread the good news of the hope, love, peace and joy that is to come as we transition back to a way of life that is inclusive of all. One that is rooted in love, built on love and gained through love. This journey is an aim to bring back the value of what it means to work the land within a regenerative framework and how this will bring an end to inequality and break down the walls of the archaic class systems we have been enslaved to for thousands of years. This will see us reclaiming our sovereignty and self-governance of our food, health, energy and education systems as we work towards the localisation of them.

The organisation I have founded is the perfect platform to bring people together and allow them to contribute to this co-creation and be a part of the growing communities yearning for an alternative way of living through the therapeutic trajectory of art. It is giving space for the freedom of expression about how people really feel. All the artwork you put to us will be showcased in one way or another and the winning content of the competitions will go on to produce books that will raise the money we need to put back into the hands of the communities implementing regenerative practices.

Deciding to set out on this journey has come with a key and crucial word I wish for all of us to thoroughly contemplate what it means. That word is sacrifice.

To fully sacrifice in the world today is not easy by any means as we are bombarded with ideas of how to live or who we should be. When we begin to question our way of life, and what this contributes towards, we should see sacrifice rise up as an important component of our existence. This runs parallel to the idea of who we are, as so much of how we live our lives rests on who we believe we are, and quite often who others think we are. The intra personal and interpersonal perspectives of who we are, are intertwined with one another making sacrifice of self, a difficulty. My challenge to the reader of this is to really question who you are and how you live and whether or not some sacrifices could be made to help us bring about a better world for the future generations, all the while inspiring others to make them too.

It will only be in solidarity of one another that we can bring an end to the humanitarian crisis’ we face across our world. I invite you to join those of us already on the ground laying the foundations of love for all of us to build on. I invite you to follow my journey and be inspired by the incredible stories as they unfold. I invite you to get creative and participate in our campaigns. I invite you to seek out community growing initiatives, and do this in number. I invite you to ask yourself, as the words of, The Weight of the World, the poem that prompts the competition of the same title in our Creative Trinity campaign, ‘what can you do differently that will have a positive impact on OUR lives on this planet’?

My own answer to this is to walk, in nothing but faith of the kindness and hospitality of others, to highlight the goodness in which we all have inside of us. I wish to nurture the fruits of the spirit and prune the vines of the collective soul that only serves us to be seperate. I walk in unconditional love, for you. Will you walk with me, metaphorically, in your own way?

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