A Pilgrims Progress

Setting off from Bedruthan Steps three weeks ago today has only proven to me, that the decision to embark on this journey was the right one to make. The most prevailing dimension of the walk so far has to be that moment of leaving security and walking out into the unknown, the uncertainty that comes with walking this path is exhilarating. Fear naturally rises, and with it, the narratives of doubt attempts to creep in as the conditioned survival animals neuro-circuitry signals a lack of safety.

Experiencing this over and over again, multiple times in a week, brings up a powerful piece of scripture from Mathew 6: 25-34 one of the most challenging teachings Jesus offers us, particularly in the world today that is saturated with materialism and a concept of ‘home’ that reaches far beyond where our home truly is.

A a seasoned nomad of ten years, I am able to override this response and walk on, riding nothing but faith in the mission placed upon my heart and the kindness and support of those I’ll encounter, wherever that may be.

I look back and reflect on the three weeks gone by, and what I’d have missed out on had I listened to my minds desire for security, and my hearts desire to stoke the fire that still burns in my heart for the woman I love.

The first day seen me sleeping in an ancient Parish church in Colan and having the closest and most personal encounter with bats as they swooped inches over my head as I tried to sleep. I addressed the congregation the following morning, and to look out across the smiling and excited faces as I spoke about the revival of what it means to be a steward of the earth was uplifting and reassuring.

Days later, I was helping out at Soul Farm getting my land work fix in. While helping the team there for two days I was invited to stay with one of their directors in her house on the estuary of the river Fal. Her hospitality was incredible and the shower needed.

Moving forward from the comfort of this space led me to Penryn and into the company of the Art Culture Commune, a young student led initiative to develop an affordable artist residency in Europe. They were hosting an art exhibition that weekend of which I got involved with. This was a blessing and the people I met naturally loved the concept of Psyche and Soul and the work we are doing.

I left there to find myself sleeping in yet another church, I was welcomed into the home of the warden and met her family. I offered my services in their garden which was welcomed and I got in, yet another fix, this time a meditative and spacious one. The hospitality I received from the warden was beautiful and I was fed well.

I headed from there to a friend of the Warden to Port Navas and into the warmth of Peter and Lee, hosts of Towards a Gracious Space, a Christ centred prayer and meditation garden. I stayed four nights here and helped in their garden, worked with their son, went out for a day trip on the estuary and spent much time engulfed in the warm ambience that good company and good food brings with it. I most valued the morning prayers shared as there is nothing quite like praying for peace and justice in our world, it is a vibration I rest in a lot of the time and to share it with others is a moving experience.

I moved on from there and found myself welcomed into Holifield Farm Project. A thirty-five year development of community living. I spent most of my time enthusiastically helping and connecting with the beautiful souls that fill this space. The communal activity of pressing apples into cider really highlighted how valuable working together to get a job such as this done is worth more than the time gained by machine intervention.

While at Holifield I ordered branded clothing back to the beautiful location at Port Navas. The divine timing of this seen a professional photographer present when they arrived and an impromptu photo shoot followed. I am now back in Falmouth and Penryn conjuring new and fruitful parameters to my journey of which I’ll share in the next blog.

I now point you, as the reader, back to the blog post titled Called to Action and the significance of the word sacrifice within it. Overriding our minds survival mechanisms to step out into the world in such a way, as we have witnessed through the little snippets I have shared, is a worthy one, especially when the mobilisation and support for our mission in regenerating people and place through creative arts and land work comes with it. Overriding my hearts desires, that’s a story for another time, as I guess this is something that runs a little deeper and cannot be compared to the events mentioned as love, especially the deep love experienced, is an all encompassing force that is not bound by the happenings of today and tomorrow as our psyche is, no, love is where the soul finds rest and solitude in the now, and experiencing this with another is intoxicating, but needs to be sacrificed nonetheless which I make no claim to be easy.

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