End of the Road

End of the Road is quite a suggestive title, it suggests that I have ended the pilgrimage. Although, I have not. It is merely the end of the road on this trip, I would also philosophically argue that there is no such thing as the end of the road, however that’s a perspective for another time. It cannot be as I will certainly be continuing in Spring. There are multiple reasons to temporarily end the journey, and only one to continue, us.

The reasons for coming to the end of the road after two months of walking is large part due to the sensible choice to ground myself somewhere for Winter, another is spearheading an organisation needs a lot of worship. Especially when the passion that flows from within leads me into creativity which I strongly desire to harness to support that organisation financially and further embrace our mission and vision to support the transformation of people and place.

I was extremely blessed on my walk to have encountered the most incredible people that supported me in whichever way. I was also blessed to have encountered people that are working hard at securing the communities in Cornwall a better food system, and sowing seeds in the minds of the wider communities to be a part of this much needed transition. These people recognise that our world is in need of reformations of all kinds and a rekindling of our communities is high on their agenda, I am happy to call these people my comrades. It is through these wonderful souls I will draw upon the shared love for this beautiful creation and remain energised, focused and committed to keeping my head down all Winter long.

As for now, I guess I am at the start of a new road, or perhaps I am still travelling along the same road, as we all are. Does that make us all pilgrims, and life the pilgrimage? Certainly a new perspective I have acquired while walking the last two months. Considering a pilgrimage is a spiritual journey, does that make us all spiritual beings? That is a good thought to leave this short blog on, enjoy the contemplation.

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